The 10 best cheap homestays in Da Lat 2017

Traveling to Da Lat without staying homestay is regrettable because this place is an area of the most homestays. In particular, all of them are super nice and cute. Below are the list of 10 best homestays and hostels in Da Lat where come with the standards: beautiful view, and reasonable price. Please take a look!

1. Windy Hill Coffee & Homestay

Windy Hill Homestay in Da Lat

Located on a year-round windy hill and a small valley with lush pines, Windy Hill is designed to open in order to create green spaces. This allows you to be immersed in nature and felt the great atmosphere in Da Lat City of flowers.

The reference price:
• Single room: 150.000VND/ person/ room
• Single-bed room: 220.000 VND/ room/ 2 people
• Double-bed room: 440.000VND/ room/ 4 people

Address: 106 Hung Vuong, Da Lat City. Phone: 0971784570
Facebook: /Windy-Hill-Coffee-and-Homestay

2. Second House

Second House

Second House is situated behind Lam Vien Square and is 300m from Xuan Huong Lake. Thus, it facilitates to visit attractions in Da Lat. Its living room comes with kitchen, dining table, and sofa. Plus, there are music, fireplace, lots of books and light. In particular, La Viet coffee, oolong tea, and drinking tools are always available in a special separate corner.

The reference price:
• 2 single rooms: for 2 people, an area of 20m2 for each, 800.000VND/ night
• 2 double rooms: for 2 – 5 people, an area of 50m2 for each, 1.000.000VND/ 2 people, 200.000VND of additional fee for extra person.

Address: 8 Ho Tung Mau, Da Lat City. Phone: 0947156945

3. Cui Homestay in Da Lat

Cui Homestay Da Lat

Not too far from the Center of Da Lat, Cui Homestay pulls their tourists back thanks to the clear and simple things: the garden of seasonal persimmons, the small corner courtyard full of grasses and flowers. In particular, in front of each house, there is porch along with a set of pretty wooden table and chairs so that you can sip a cup of hot tea in the morning. Or you can imagine a romantic setting of a drizzle day when you both sit on the porch for drinking and enjoy beautiful views with your lovers.

The reference price: Cui Homestay has a variety of rooms with different prices but the average price is about 120.000VND/person/night

Address: 79 Trieu Viet Vuong, Da Lat City. Phone: 0911662070

4. Hobbit Villa in Da Lat

Hobbit Villa Da Lat

Hobbit Villa is located in the middle of the wonderful valley overlooking the city with the surrounding scenery of immense trees, vegetable garden, and the peaceful, attractive rose garden. Besides, there is a precinct with an area of 1.200m2. The main villa includes 4 bedrooms, 2 bungalows: bungalow family and bungalow couple.

The reference price:
• Bungalow family: 880.000VND/ day and bungalow couple: 600.000VND/ day
• Superior room: 600.000VND/ day and Deluxe: 800.000VND/ day.
• If you book the whole villa, the price is 2.500.000VND/ day (note: this price is just applied for 8-10 people, from the 11th one onwards, surcharge will be 200.000VND/ person)

Address: 2/3 To Hien Thanh, Da Lat City. Phone: 0916871306

5. INDIgo home Da Lat

INDIgo home

INDIgo home is a quiet accommodation suiting with those who are looking for peace and want to immerse into nature, plants, and forested mountains to contemplate the past.

When waking up here in the morning, you will be enjoyed a sunny pine forest. The distance is the rows of houses in golden sunlight. That view brings a sense of peace which can’t be described in words. With the option of INDIgo home, you can freely use the general living room, kitchen, and the front garden courtyard.

The price is: 120.000VND/ person/ day (no changes on public holidays)
Address: 2/1, Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, Da Lat City

6. Le Bleu Da Lat Homestay

Le Bleu Da Lat Homestay

Le Bleu doesn’t completely belong to kinds of hotels or resorts where have a variety of room options. Each Le Bleu is a pretty separate house with a lush garden or a corner of little trees at least. Le Bleu owns a well-equipped kitchen with basic utensils for cooking. Once Le Bleu is your option, you don’t have to share your space with anyone else but you and your fellow travelers.

• Option 1: 700.000VND/ day/ 4 people for the whole house including 2 bedrooms, one living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a toilet, and a garden (the maximum of 6 people and from the fifth one onwards, you must pay 7$/ person/day).
• Option 2: 400.000VND/ day/ 2 people for a bedroom. You will be shared the living room (the maximum of 4 people and the additional fee of 150.000VND/ person/ day for 3rd person).

Address: Ly Tu Trong Street, Da Lat City

7. La Nha Homestay Da Lat

La Nha Homestay

Located not far from the city center, La Nha Homestay attracts many tourists thanks to the combination of the classic colors and fancy space. In this homestay, there are a lot of different spaces.

Price: You area able to opt for a large, fully-equipped space (300.000VND – 650.000VND/ room), a dorm room (170.000VND/ person). Or if you would like to get close to nature, grassy plants, cool breeze, the form of camping is for you (120.000VND/ a tent).
Address: 77 Hoang Dieu, Da Lat City.

8. Tre’s House

Tre’s House Da Lat

Located in a mall corner on Vo Truong Toan Street, when just step on Tre’s House, what makes you think of first is perhaps the question “Are you sure this is a hotel?”. There is no doubt. Although everything is lying about in disorder and in the way (difficult to imagine), it has the appearance of art, an antique exhibition, for example. You can easily see old recycled items which are mostly made of wood and bamboo around the house. Perhaps the special thing in only Tre’s House is its wonderful garden as a European farm behind the homestay.

The price: 400.000 – 550.000VND/ room
The price of dorm: 150.000VND/ room
Address: 149A Vo Truong Toan, Da Lat city.

9. YOLO Camping House

YOLO Camping House

With the desire to bring nature closer to your trip, YOLO has 10 tents of the total with several options for groups of 2, 3, 4 members. Even if you travel by yourself, you can still select a little and petty tent overlooking valley to enjoy your own space. Here you can lightly roll the door of the tent up so that the rays of sunlight from the garden and pine forest come for heating. When the sun goes off, your tent will be covered by golden light creating a sparkling area.

The reference price: 300.000VND – 700.000VND/ Group price for 1 night
Address: 27B, 3/4 Street, Da Lat City

10. Da Lat Note Hostel

Da Lat Note Hostel

If someone asks me why do I choose Da Lat Note Hostel while Da Lat City has a wide range of beautiful homestay? The simple answer is that this is both pretty and cheap. Separated from the noisy streets, Note Hostel returns you a fresh and peaceful atmosphere with a stylish and ancient house. The hostel is designed quite cute – from paths to terrace. In particular, it is very eye-catching thanks to colorful vases (red, purple, yellow).

The reference price: 100.000VND/ person/ night
Address: 3r/2 Thong Thien Hoc, Da Lat City.

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