12 famous places to visit in Vietnam (best destinations with photos)

More and more tourists have realized the potential of Vietnam destinations. They want to enjoy the sights and scenery the city will showcase.

The best places to visit in Vietnam from the North to the South are waiting for adventurous people. Follow a list of places that will be fun for anyone who wants to tour Vietnam.

Each place has its own special role and influences the lives of people throughout the country. People from all over the world flock to see the new country take shape. The country has become more open to travel and does welcome guests from time to time.

1. Hanoi

best places to visit in Vietnam - Hanoi

The capital city of Vietnam deserves a lot of praise from tourists. It is a vibrant urban center and people seem to enjoy the culture. Expect to see the city streets lined with cultural icons from the city’s past.

The people are proud of their heritage and want to express the city’s legacy. Hanoi welcomes tourists and represents modern Vietnam destinations in every way.

2. Halong Bay

Halong Bay - a place to visit in Vietnam

Take junk boat tours throughout Halong Bay to enjoy the sights. The limestone rocks offer a spectacular view that everyone will appreciate seeing. Sea kayak expeditions are another popular request in the region.

Tourists will find a lot of adventure waiting for them when they arrive on the spot. People will want to take pictures of the large rocks they see. That is an iconic image of Tonkin Bay and will be worth remembering in the future.

3. Sapa

Sapa - a place to visit in Vietnam

It is just a small town, but it is receiving a lot of attention. Hikers can use the town as a trekking base when they get started. The rice fields are terraced and offer some unique views. Get to know more about the traditional way of life for people in the town.

That is an iconic travel experience and one that everyone will appreciate seeing. Expect to take a lot of photos around Sapa and similar towns that farm rice.

4. Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh - Vietnam destination

Find the small town situated on the banks of the Red River Delta. That is an important fishing location for the local Vietnamese people. The city is actually the namesake for the local province.

Thousands of Vietnamese people live in that province to today. That reflects the value of the general area and what it has traditionally meant for the people too.

5. Hue City

Hue City

Military buffs will want to see Hue for themselves if possible. The city was subjected to a lengthy siege during the infamous Vietnam War. The siege was actually part of the broader Tet Offensive.

North Vietnam launched the offensive, but American troops held the city for the time being. The Tet Offensive shocked the moral of the United States for the first time. That was the beginning of the end to the protracted military conflict.

6. Da Nang

Danang beach

Sandy beaches await travelers who come to Da Nang. The coastal city has become a tourist destination in its own right recently. Hidden Buddhist shrines along the coast will be a popular draw for a lot of people.

See the magnificent bridge and other sights that people want to explore. It has an incredible history as a French colonial port as well. The city is well organized and can be viewed from an aerial tour as an urban cluster along the coast.

7. Hoi An

Hoi An - Best places to visit in Vietnam

Hoi An is another coastal town with a rich heritage too. Canals are cut through the city and Hoi An is a trading port too. Ancient houses occupied by locals are part of the charm.

Hoi An is welcoming tourists and people will find something that they enjoy there too. See the colonial heritage of the small town and understand its past.

8. Da Lat

Da Lat, Vietnam

See the lake area and golf course situated nearby the city of Da Lat. It is the capital of its own province and continues to grow in size. Plenty of amenities make the city renowned among most tourists.

Some reminders of the colonial past still remain in the city too. Da Lat is a gem that true fans will want to tour while they are in the country. Enjoy local cuisine and see what makes the city something special too.

9. Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is named for the leader of Communist Vietnam. A long transitory period has brought the city to a new standing on the world stage.

It represents progress and accomplishment for the Vietnamese people in many ways. See the 19th century post office that is a remnant of the colonial past.

Food stalls are a notable feature, which line the city streets. Enjoy street vendor food that people will certainly enjoy trying while they are there.

10. Mui Ne

Mui Ne - Vietnam destinations

Tour the beach resort town in the southern part of Vietnam. It is situated on the East Sea and welcomes tourists each year. The sand is lined with palm trees and locals are waiting to greet new visitors.

It is considered to be a weekend getaway from nearby Ho Chi Minh City for locals. Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and meet with people who arrive there too. >> See more about Mui Ne

11. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta - place to visit in Vietnam

The Mekong River runs throughout much of Vietnam and has influenced the people for many generations. Fishing and boating are popular activities for people in the region. See the massive Mekong Catfish if the opportunity is available.

The Mekong Catfish can weigh in excess of 500 pounds over time. Tours along the river are becoming quite common for people. Many small, traditional villages are scattered along the Mekong Delta region.

12. Phu Quoc

Ham Ninh village - Phu Quoc

An island destination is waiting for tourists who are adventurous enough. Phu Quoc is an island at the very southern tip of Vietnam. See white sand beaches and palm trees that line the coast.

Markets on the island sell crafts and produce to people who are willing to buy the products. Fish is a big catch and will be featured on the menu at restaurants for guests. Stay at luxurious hotels that offer great accommodations for those who arrive.

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