Dried Beef Salad

Dried Beef Salad


-Vinegar, sugar, soya sauce, onion, carrot, papaya, glutamate, marjoram, basil, peanut.

-Main ingredients: Beef includes thin beef, thick beef, beef spleen, beef stomach (the quantity depends on the number of people)

Dried Beef Salad

Dried Beef Salad


-Wash all the meat.

-Divide the beef into two parts: Grind, marinate the first part and put a little sesame on it (this is called slight beef meat); Place the thick piece of beef in hot water and boil it. Remember not to boil it in for too long or it will be too tough (thick meat)

-Keep the beef spleen whole, slice it so that it looks like a paper fan, marinate it thoroughly and fry it.

-Boil the beef stomach in a suitable time so as not to make it tough.

-Peel the onion and fry it in a pan with hot oil (it is called dried onion).

-Cut the papaypa and the carrot into small strips.

-Make the salad dressing: First, add vinegar and sugar to taste, if it is good, put in the glutamate and lastly put in some soya sauce so that it tastes delicious.

After finishing all of the above steps, put everything into a dish and mix it with the salad dressing. You can eat this with other kinds of vegetables, peanuts and fried onions. And you can buy dried beef at Long Vi Dung Restaurant at 107 Ma May St, Ha Noi to make this food at home.