Where is the best of Mui Ne attractions to visit?

Mui Ne is famous for the crystal clear beaches, smooth white sand in color, fresh air, cliffs coming with diurnal waves, roads shaded by rows of coconut trees. All of them are the beautiful sceneries that attract many tourists’ hearts. Mui Ne attractions causes anyone who comes to there is full of admiration very long.

Mui Ne attractions

Furthermore, perhaps tourists don’t know that Mui Ne is known as the capital of the luxury resorts and is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam for those who want to get an ideal, comfortable trip. Below are details where you should visit in this wonderful place.

Suoi Nuoc Beach in Mui Ne

Suoi Nuoc belongs to Mui Ne Ward with 10km coastline where is separated by 2 best-known attractions Rom Island (Hon Rom) and Nghe Island (Hon Nghe).

Suoi Nuoc Beach in Mui Ne

Originally, this is only a small fishing village but after the planned expansion and tourism development, this place becomes more crowded and cramped. Suoi Nuoc in Mui Ne is attractive because of both its charming landscapes and the featured wild beauty which is peaceful.

When arriving at this place, tourists will be immersed in the blue clear waters, smooth white sand beaches. The water level is not too deep so it’s incredibly safe. Let you take part in some sport activities such as sailing, volleyball, diving, windsurfing, and kitesurfing…

Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

As Sahara desert, sand dunes in Mui Ne bring tourists the extremely enjoyable experiences. When coming to sand dunes, there are two attractive destinations that you shouldn’t ignore: Golden Sand Dunes (other name Flying Sand Dunes, or Doi Cat Vang), White Sand Dunes (or called as White Lake, or Doi Cat Trang).

Golden Sand Dunes

Golden Sand Dunes Mui Ne

This is a big sand dune stretching from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan. When arriving at here, you will be enjoyed the amazing colors of iron ores combined with the gold of sand.

The special point in this place is that these sand dunes are always changing their colors, shapes “diversified” due to wind erosion. Perhaps because of this pristine beauty, this place is considered as the symbol of tourism in Mui Ne.

Enjoying this place, tourists will get the feeling of being lost in a large desert of one of the countries in the Middle East or Africa. Though the whole scene is full of sand, it’s not boring even that setting attracts countless tourists for visiting and exploring.

One of the best experiences here is to sit on a plastic board and slide down or rent a jeek to conquer these sand dunes by your skill of skillful driving, riding ostriches…

White Sand Dunes

White Sand Dunes Mui Ne

It is one of the attractive tourist destinations just behind the fresh and clear blue beaches. Doi Cat Trang is distant Mui Ne about 20km to the Northeast.

The highlight here is that golden sand turns into pure white one. Not just you are enjoyed, had the fun and delight in these sand dunes but also there are 3 famous lakes: Gentleman Lake (Bau Ong), Lady Lake (Bau Ba), Mango Lake (Bau Xoai) (smallest one) and others so they add the beauty for these sand dunes.

Suoi Tien (spring in heaven)

Suoi Tien Mui Ne

Suoi Tien is distant Phan Thiet 18km to the Northeast where is a small ravine located near to Hon Rom. It is lovingly dubbed “Suoi Tien” (spring in heaven) by locals because of its wonderful natural scenery.

Its stunning location is created from a side of red and white sandstone mountains intermingled together and a side featured with shade of rows of evergreen coconut trees,… plus flows of clear blue streams that bend through the multicolored sand dunes.

All create a wonderful painting of nature. Besides, there are natural stalactite formation with strange shapes, eye-catching red and white in color making up a great space for tourists to explore.

The fishing village in Mui Ne

fishing village in Mui Ne

Here tourists will be overwhelmed by the scene of hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored on the surface of the water.

Some activities which many tourists love include taking a walk along the rows of coconut trees around, participating the colorful fishing market, visiting the fishing village in the morning.

Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain

No one wants to miss this destination when traveling Mui Ne. To reach the pagoda area in the top, tourists can choose one of 2 ways: climbing or taking a cable car through the tropical jungle and seeing the beautiful natural landscapes from above.

Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda was constructed in 1879 at an altitude of 457m. This pagoda is surrounded by forest, streams, voice of forest birds, call of monkeys for their herd. All create a painting of colorful life.

Hon Rom Island

Hon Rom Island - Mui Ne

With charming scenery as well as big rocks in strange, beautiful shapes, this is also an attraction with the majority of home and outside tourists.

Besides, the name of Hon Rom comes from on the rainy season, the mountain is covered by the green color of natural grass, sunlight in color, golden grass from the foothill to the peak. When seeing from a distance, it looks like a gigantic straw mountain.

Ghenh Da in Mui Ne

Ghenh Da in Mui Ne 

Thanks to the beautiful, majestic scenery of headlands reaching out to the beach to catch waves, it creates a unique natural setting.

Alternating between a rocky beach longer a kilometer is a small sandy beach and in the top, there is a Ba Vang Temple with Lang Ong Thach Long in the end. This is also one of beautiful and famous in Mui Ne you shouldn’t miss.