Top 10 things to do in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is famous for not only the great beaches, Phong Nha & Thien Duong Cavern, Son Doong Cave but also other interesting activities you might not yet know such as walking along the beach, fishing or “flying” on the beach.

Why don’t you try these experiences for an unforgettable trip? Below are the 10 best things to do in Quang Binh for your travel.

Trekking through the forest

trekking in Quang Binh

The special point when travelling Quang Binh is that you must have a very good health. This place’s special terrain forces you walk a lot even you have to trek forest road, pass streams and cross rivers.

However, “if you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain”. After your fatigues, you will be rewarded with the magnificent landscapes.

Kayaking on the Chay River

Kayaking in Quang Binh

When kayaking on the Chay River, you will feel a peaceful, romantic flow with the pure blue color as jade and the spectacular ancient Karst.

The sides of the bank are the unending corn fields creating a charming landscape painting. You as well as other visitors are immersed in the natural world.

Boating upstream the Son River

Boating on the Son River

Go boating upstream the romantic Son River to enjoy the charming natural scenery on both sides, you will see pictures of women, children who frolics on the banks of river.

Especially, this is also a chance to experience the living activities of the village by the river with a deep soul of the country.

Mud Bath in Dark Cave

Mud Bath in Quang Binh

Dark Cave (Hang Toi) is a branch in the Phong Nha Cave System. It’s no lighting system so still remain the magical and pristine beauty of nature.

You will become an explorer of cave with flashlight helmet and other specialized equipment to explore the underground river system, admire the thousands of stalactite pillars with a variety of special shapes.

When exploring the Dark Cave, you also get some extremely interesting experiences – natural mud bath or swimming in the cool Thuy Tien and Ho Bong Lai Lake.

Zipline in Chay River

Zipline in Chay River

Zipline is a form of swinging tightrope in the sky.

You can go to the middle of Chay River by a Zipline system invested basically, and modernly so that from that position, you can fall down to take a bath with this very blue and romantic river as well as join other games in the water.

Spring bath in Nuoc Mooc

Nuoc Mooc Spring

Let you enjoy wonderful relaxing moments and immerse in the poetic natural landscape of Nuoc Mooc spring. At here, you will discover the diversity and value of landscape, wildlife of Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

You are able to lie on the hammock and shake under the forest canopy, hear flowing streams nearby. Moreover, you are also taken a bath in the pure & cool stream of Nuoc Mooc full of small, big bumpy rocks alternately.

Besides, this place has services such as kayaking, swimming and fishing…

Fishing, fishing for squid

fishing for squid in Quang Binh

Whether you are an enthusiast of fishing or simply, you just want to experience the feeling of a fisherman, fishing, fishing for squid at Quang Binh, this is one of extremely interesting things you shouldn’t ignore.

In particular, at Quang Binh, there are many places for fishing. You are able to be sailing on a boat and move to the middle of Nhat Le beach to fish squid overnight, sit at the river mouth or any cliffs.

Fishing on the beach brings you a completely different feeling in comparison with fishing in river or lake because winds and waves will create your comfort.

Bathe in the Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach

To Quang Binh, when bathing in the intact Nhat Le beach located right next to the Nhat Le river mouth with white sands and blue water, you can participate in recreational activities and enjoy specialities.

In the evening, people are around the campfire and sing together after the tune concordant with waves of the sea, hold fun and interesting games, enjoy grilled sweet potatoes, corn…

Paragliding on the sea

Come to beaches in Quang Binh, visitors will have opportunity to know how to fly in the sky with this kind of game. Just set you on the seat belt then winds of beach will blow you in the sky.

The feeling of flying up to see the immense sky sea is an extremely attractive experience for all visitors. However, this game doesn’t spend for people having heart disease or being afraid of height.

Conquer rock waterfall, rocky mountain

Da Nhay Beach

The most beautiful and very blue beaches are usually surrounded by rocky mountains. Beaches in Quang Binh are the same.

For example, in Da Nhay Beach, visitors can freely see and climb up rocks to enjoy the beauty of this place. Stones all shapes seem to be challenging the ability of the human imagination.