Top 5 foods should not miss while visiting Mui Ne

As mentioned, Mui Ne attracts many tourists because of not only its beautiful scenery but also its popular cuisine.

seafoods Mui Ne

No exaggeration to say that each region, each area, each city in Vietnam has a distinct cuisine which is very popular in the international market. Mui Ne is not an exception. Below are some specialties things to eat in Mui Ne.

“Dong” dishes Mui Ne

If tourists ask that what is the famous specialty in Mui Ne? It’s certainly that most of the answers are “Dong”. “Dong” is considered as the attractive seafood which comes from the sunny and windy dunes. This dish is not only distinct, delicious but also very cheap. Thus, most of tourists are also introduced to this dish.

Dong dishes Mui Ne

The shape of “Dong” resembles lizards but it is bigger and longer. Its foods are young shoots and night dew. Perhaps that’s why its meat is quite delicious, soft, chewy, and sweet. I called “Dong” dishes because locals in Mui Ne can process it into 7 different dishes such as grilled, steamed, fried, cooked porridge, making rolls, salad, and roasted…

Each brings a distinct flavor but all are very delicious and attractive. However, both tourists and locals said that the best one is grilled “Dong” dipped in chili salt especially it will be best for eaters to sip with some glasses of alcohol.

Although you can enjoy this grilled dish in big restaurants everywhere, the unique way of processing is to create a strange and distinct flavor compared to other regions. Eating this dish here once, you will want to come back one more time for sure.

Lau Tha Hotpot Mui Ne

Simply, the name also expresses its specialty, right? Normally, when people just hear about Cobia hotpot, field crab hotpot, they can also imagine what main ingredients include (fish or seafood).

Lau Tha Hotpot Mui Ne

However, Lau Tha Hotpot doesn’t like being made from a kind of animal, a type of plant or seafood so this dish is more mystic and stimulates the curiosity of tourists to enjoy.

The main ingredients of Lau Tha Hotpot are deep herring marinated garlic, chili, and old ginger. Besides, it is also served with boiled pork side, julienne omelet, Vietnamese rice cracker, rice vermicelli, tart star fruit, and many kinds of vegetable…

The highlight of this dish is its arrangement (quite beautiful and eye-catching). Each ingredient will be placed in the red peels of banana flower.

Depend on a matter of preference, eaters will choose their favorite ingredients and put into a bowl, finally pour boiling water hotpot into there to enjoy instead of taking all ingredients into a broth hotpot like the common ones.

Quai Vac Cake Mui Ne

Aside from the traditional dishes, attractive specialties, in Mui Ne, there are a lot of other delicious dishes. Among others, we have to include street foods. The top of the list which can’t but be mentioned is Quai Vac Cake.

Quai Vac Cake Mui Ne
In terms of its appearance, perhaps many eaters will confuse it with Steamed Clear Tapioca Cake (Bánh Bột Lọc) but in fact, this kind of cake is made from flour and its stuffing is made from shrimp and pork side fried with spicy pepper.

When eating, it is served with some greaves of fat, scallions then dip it in the sweet and sour sauce to enjoy. Eaters can find out this street food everywhere in Mui Ne from the roadside vendors to common shops.

Fried Snakehead Rolled Rice Paper

Perhaps with experienced tourists, this is not a special dish because most of the regions in Vietnam have it. However, the highlight of fried snakehead in Mui Ne is the way of processing as well as what ingredients and spices are served with. There are no too many people knowing Mui Ne in Phan Thiet is the birthplace of this simple but extremely popular dish.

Fried Snakehead Mui Ne

Many people think that this is snakehead fried with tempura flour but actually, it doesn’t be used with any types of tempura batter mix at all. Instead, in the processing of snakehead, people won’t scrape scales.

Next, drop the whole fish into hot oil in a frying pan. This makes the cooked scale part raised up, brown, crispy as they are coated a layer of tempura flour.

The special thing of this dish is that it is served with a lot of different ingredients such as rice paper, rice vermicelli, vegetables, young bananas, sour star fruit plus light spicy and salty peanut sauce which is attractive and unforgettable.

Raw Herring Salad Mui Ne

In any maritime regions, there are almost their own special dishes of raw fish salad. For example, Ca Mau is famous for Raw Barramundi Salad while Thanh Hoa is famous for Raw Snake eel Salad.

Raw Herring Salad Mui Ne

Thus, In Mui Ne, Raw Herring Salad is a popular specialty that any tourists should try at least once when traveling to here. To make a tasty Raw Herring Salad dish, the cook must select big, fat, and fresh Deep Herring.

When processing, the processor will scrape scales completely, remove the head, tail and its bone after that put it into ice for firmer and more brittle meat of fish. During your processing, don’t forget to make with other ingredients such as carrots, sweet basil, laksa leaves, chili, garlic, and lemon juice…

This wonderful dish is made from fish meat, sour, sweet, salty taste from the spices mixing well together.