What to buy in Vietnam for souvenirs?

If Vietnamese travels abroad, they often buy items with specific characteristics or symbol of that country. Conversely, when foreigners travel to Vietnam, they will also purchase some gifts with bold Vietnamese style. So have you known what you should buy when traveling in Vietnam? Keep reading below to find out your answer.

Vietnamese Conical Hat (Non La)

Vietnamese Conical Hat has appeared in Vietnam since the mid-13th century and has had a strong attachment to Vietnamese for a long time especially farmers.

The woman with Vietnamese Conical Hat

The woman with Vietnamese Conical Hat

In addition to the common functions such as shading from the sun and the rain, when combined with costumes such as Vietnamese traditional dress (Ao Dai), Ao Ba Ba, it makes women become more charming many times.

Colors and designs of Non La vary by region. For example, Vietnamese Conical Hat of Tay ethnic group is red while Thanh Hoa’s Non La is white; Vietnamese Conical Hat in Hue is thinner than what people in Binh Dinh wear. As mentioned, the most beautiful images of a Non La are when it is combined with the white Ao Dai of the student, the tilted conical hat of the mother or Vietnamese woman with her Non La under the sunshine. Perhaps that’s why Non La has overcome its common uses to become a symbol of Vietnam.

Vietnam handicraft products

International tourists to Vietnam often buy these handicrafts as gifts. For instance, when tourists visit the West, they usually purchase the very deft handicrafts made from coconut of the locals.

Vietnamese ceramic items

Vietnamese ceramic items

Meanwhile, tourists to HCM City often buy Vietnam handicraft products made from wood: Ben Thanh Market, Nha Rong Wharf icons. Or in Nha Trang, Vung Tau, tourists can purchase items made from sea snails, oysters… The handicraft products have become the typical souvenirs of Vietnam for a long time.

In addition, international tourists also love buying other handicraft items such as embroidery pictures, lacquer paintings, oil paintings, XQ Hand Embroidery (Dalat), painting reproductions, rosewood or bamboo blinds, ceramic items (Bat Trang, Minh Long pottery). These products usually describe, carve, and paint the Vietnamese’s idyllic life. That’s a great attraction for foreign tourists who always want to learn more about Vietnamese activities.

Vietnamese Brocade

Vietnamese culture is definitely interesting, attractive to tourists. In addition to the major Kinh ethnic community, the ethnic minorities in the highlands are also one of the reasons why foreign tourists are attracted to travel Vietnam.

Hmong Brocade in Sapa

Hmong Brocade in Sapa

As I said easier, when traveling, they usually look for and buy the characteristic products of that land as a memory. Vietnamese Brocade is a kind of very popular present when visiting Sapa, Da Lat or some mountainous areas in the North.

These brocade products are often sold in the market, on the streets, or in the souvenir shops. If you see a span long or hand long brocade piece, it takes girls fortnight to finish that product. Therefore, to complete a coat, girls need several months. With the dress of women, it has to experience many stages.

Brocade clothing is completely embroidered and sewn by hands so it looks like slightly rough with slightly dark colors and the color combination isn’t eye-catching as products made from machines. Just need to look at these costumes, it’s enough so that you can know clearly their patience and perseverance.

Sand paintings

Sand paintings are also one of the favorite presents of international tourists when traveling to Vietnam. Sand painting, sand art, or Kim Sa sand painting are the common names of an art subject with sand which was born in Vietnam after 1997.

Sand paintings

Sand paintings

To make an art painting by sand, the artisan must use the clear glass vases without pattern then pour sand into vases each layer, finally utilize a spoon to form the picture they want. The precious points of a sand painting are that the very elaborate, meticulous process of creating. The artisans of sand paintings have put spirit into the tiny sand particles in order to turn them into the excellent and soulful work.

The favored topics about the sand painting of artisans are usually views, labor people, portrait, and calligraphy. No matter topic, each sand painting work requires artisan have to highly concentrate, be ingenious and meticulous to complete a painting. Enjoying the sand paintings makes viewers feel peaceful and quiet.

Perhaps that’s a reason why foreign tourists like buying sand paintings with the following topics as gifts or keeping for themselves: farmers are harvesting rice fields, the shepherd is fluting on the back of buffalo or the pictures of graceful girls in her Ao Dai.

Dried foods

Dried foods are bought most in Da Lat by tourists including some kinds of jams: mulberry, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, litchi jams and so on.

Vietnamese Dried foods

Dried foods in Hanoi

Besides, tourists can purchase some types of dried foods marinated with spices and dried such as dried squid, dried beef and some kinds of dried fruit: dried jackfruit, banana, coconut and lotus… (A few types are not allowed entering some countries so if you would like to purchase to give your foreign relatives or friends, pay attention to check this first). It can be said that dried foods are also one of the gifts making international tourists remember the taste of Vietnamese cuisine.

Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional dress)

Ao Dai of Vietnam has been famous for creation in many countries all over the world. It helps exalt the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Tailor made Ao Dai shop in Hoi An

Tailor made Ao Dai shop in Hoi An

When traveling to Vietnam, there are countless foreign tourists love this Ao Dai even some of them hire a tailor to sew a few ones to bring their country. Normally, the well-known tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang, Hue have the fast sewing shops to serve the need of foreign tourists who want to have Ao Dai as a memory about Vietnam.

As mentioned, the unique design of Vietnamese discreet and charming Ao Dai has exalted the inherent beauty of women. In particular, Vietnamese Ao Dai is also a bold image of Vietnamese culture. What you have to do is just to come to a cloth or sewing store, choose a piece of dressmaking fabric with your favorite patterns then have an Ao Dai made to measure, in a short time, you’ll have a wonderful Ao Dai. This is also one of the favorite items as a good gift of tourists when traveling to Vietnam.

And more

In addition to the special gifts with the bold Vietnamese style above, depend on each region where tourists will travel, you can buy products featured each place such as Ha Noi salted dry apricot, Ha Noi green rice flakes, Hue sesame candy, candy mirrors in Quang Ngai, Tre in Binh Dinh (Tré), fermented pork roll in Binh Dinh, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Nha Trang fish sauce, coconut candy in Ben Tre, Re Cake in Phan Thiet (Bánh rế).