What to eat in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh)

Visit Quy Nhon, you will not be indifferent to the popular dishes, the price is only about 30000 VND such as fried fish noodles, rolled rice rolls rolls, shrimp cake dance, etc. Below are the 11 things you must eat in Quy Nhon.

Rice spaghetti with fried fish (bánh canh chả cá)

bánh canh chả cá Quy Nhon

Banh Canh Cha Ca is a quite famous specialty in Quy Nhon and it is sold on many streets. The uniqueness of this dish is that how to make rice spaghetti, fried fish, and broth.

In terms of fried fish, it is processed entirely from fresh fish with a lot of spices. Meanwhile, rice spaghetti is made from rice flour mixed with wheat flour.

When they are cooked through, there are the strange toughness and color. Its broth is cooked mainly by fish bones because fish head creates a soft sweetness and leave an unforgettable feeling.

Pancake with Shrimp (bánh xèo tôm nhảy)

bánh xèo tôm nhảy

Banh Xeo Tom Nhay is a popular pancake which is loved by many locals and tourists.

This Vietnamese pancake is made from rice flour mingled with a little turmeric powder and coconut milk. Ingredients of stuffing include small and firm shrimps.

When a plate of Banh Xeo is completed, you will see the gold color of turmeric, the white color of beansprouts, the red color of shrimps, and the green color of vegetable blended together (very beautiful).

Fine rice vermicelli and pig’s tripe porridge (Bánh hỏi cháo lòng)

Bánh hỏi cháo lòng Quy Nhon

Fine rice vermicelli (Banh Hoi) is a specialty of Binh Dinh. Thus, when traveling to Quy Nhon, tourists will easily see streets with full signs of fine rice vermicelli and pig’s tripe porridge (banh hoi chao long).

Actually, Banh Hoi and Chao Long are 2 different dishes but they are combined by locals in this place creating an interesting dish.

Fine rice vermicelli is a variation of rice vermicelli. Meanwhile, porridge is cooked quite thinning with blood pudding and broth made from bones and pig’s tripe.

The combination of the sweet and aromatic porridge with the plate of pig’s tripe processed skillfully makes this dish become more delicious and sweeter.

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Grilled meat roll, fermented pork roll (nem nướng, nem cuốn)

nem nướng Quy Nhon

To make the delicious fermented pork rolls, besides how to process, meat made from swine grass is also an important feature.

You can enjoy with vegetable by rolling them in a rice paper or it’s good to eat only fermented pork rolls to enjoy the unique taste of this specialty.

Depend on the taste of each person, when eating, you can dip in fish sauce or soy sauce. However, the most favorite one is sauce diluted plus crushed peanuts, sugar, garlic and chili. All create a tasty texture.

Jellyfish salad (gỏi sứa)

gỏi sứa Quy Nhon

Ear jellyfish salad and leg jellyfish salad are 2 favorite dishes in Binh Dinh of many tourists. Ear jellyfish salad is made from ears of jellyfish.

First, the processor will squeeze lightly them then mix with some kinds of spices, peanuts, green bananas, thinly sliced bitter gourd, grated mango, and kinds of vegetables such as laksa leaves, basil.

To make leg jellyfish salad, it’s more sophisticated because you have to mix with sliced chicken or pork and types of chilies, grated mango, roasted peanuts and other kinds of vegetable.

This dish will be more delicious if it is served with shrimp paste.

Savoury Rice Cake – Water Fern Cake (banh beo chen)

banh beo chen

Banh Beo Chen is made from rice flour and molded by a small cup. Each cake in Quy Nhon has the diameter of 2 knuckles.

In the heart of the cake has a large hole hollowing down as dimple. Each plate of Banh Beo has about 10 small and pretty ones. They are white, chewy, and scented-rice.

After that, the processor will sprinkle dried shrimp, crushed peanuts, and scallion on the surface of the cake, finally, souse on sauce and sprinkle a few pieces of crispy bread

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Eel salad (Gỏi cá chình)

Gỏi cá chình Quy Nhon

Binh Dinh has many ponds, lagoons so it has created a favorable environment for a lot of species of fish, including eel.

Eel can be processed many different dishes but both locals and tourists love this eel salad most.

It is cooked extremely elaborate from how to choose fresh fishes to the process of marinating to be pleasant to taste. Eel salad is served with roasted rice paper and fish sauce adding ground ginger.

Coconut Water Rice Paper (bánh tráng nước dừa)

Bánh Tráng Nước Dừa

Coconut Water Rice Paper is one of the favorite specialties even tourists love buying it as gifts when visiting Quy Nhon.

In particular, people just eat this rice paper dish without serving with others as the normal sesame rice crackers (Bánh Tráng Mè).

Tre (Tré)

tre quy nhon

Tre in Binh Dinh is shaped as the tiny “broomsticks”. This is one of “favorite foods” of locals when drinking Bau Da wine.

What to make Tre includes ear meat, head meat, bacon with sesame, roasted rice powder, ginger, chilies, young guava leaves, and garlic. When enjoying, you just need to peel away the outer layer to eat immediately.

This dish is usually rolled with rice paper, kinds of vegetable, and fish sauce, of course.

Squid And Chili, Garlic (mực ngào tỏi ớt)

mực ngào tỏi ớt

It’s not difficult to purchase Muc Ngao Toi Ot because it is sold in most of the shops in the city or seaside.

To make this dish, after grilling cursory squid, cook will marinate in types of spices such as malt, fried peppers, garlic… to absorb well.

This dish has full of spicy, salty, sweet tastes so it has a bold flavor of Quy Nhon Beach. It’s very suitable to give for your relatives and friends.

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Thorn Leaf Cakes (bánh ít lá gai)

bánh ít lá gai Quy Nhon

This is a kind of simple, rustic, and gentle cake as people in the martial arts land but its light sweetness always attracts many tourists.

Banh It La Gai is used in the death anniversary, marriage day to reflect the ingenuity and resourcefulness of woman.

This type of cake is made from glutinous rice flour with thorn leaves and sugar while its stuffing is made from mung beans (green beans) without cover or dried meat coconut (sliced small and long).

Banh It La Gai is supple, aromatic and not sticky with the sweetness of sugar, aromaticness of glutinous rice flour, buttery taste of green beans, spicy taste of ginger. All create a bold dish of Binh Dinh