Danang nightlife: what to do at night, best bars/clubs

Traveling to Danang, you had better not only visit the beautiful scenery of Danang, enjoy the famous dishes but also take part in discovery activities of Danang nightlife as well as games and entertainment of this colorful city.

Danang nightlife

Danang city at night

If you have admired the great beauties such as Son Tra Peninsula (Ban Dao Son Tra), Marble Mountain (Ngu Hanh Son), Ba Na Hills, Cu Lao Cham in the daytime. Next, this post will continue to take you to beautiful scenery, pretty locations where you shouldn’t miss at night in Danang.

Visit Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is a Dragon-shaped Bridge with 666m in length which can spray fire and water. This is the symbol of a city where is growing strongly in Central Vietnam. Every weekend, locals and tourists of Danang have the opportunity to witness a special performance on the bridge spanning Han River.

Danang Dragon Bridge at night

Danang Dragon Bridge at night

At 21:00, people will prevent temporarily everyone up to the bridge and make the unique performances of spraying fire and water.

In addition, when traveling to Danang, you also don’t miss other bridges of this dreamy city such as Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge with its own unique architecture in Danang.

Han River Bridge

Han River is one of the romantic and poetic beauties which represent the beauty of Danang. Referring to Danang is to mention to the poetic Han River, with Han River Bridge – Vietnam’s the first swing bridge – the pride of the locals in this city.

Han River Bridge - Danang

Han River Bridge at night

Han River Bridge is a symbol of vitality, is their desire of development built by the contributions of all people, is an unmissable place when traveling to Danang.

When coming to Danang, never miss the wonderful feeling at night with a cool, windy and quiet space in the Han River. Han River Bridge not only is a great addition for transportation, tourism but also arouses the economic potential of a large area in the East of the city. Even it is also a cultural imprint of locals in Danang nowadays sent back for posterity.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town is located in the lower section of Thu Bon River, Quang Nam Province where is 30km from Danang City southbound. In the 17-18 century, Hoi An used to be the most bustling international trading port in Southeast Asia.

Hoi An ancient town at night

Hoi An ancient town at night

Nowadays, Hoi An is an unmissable and attractive destination with both home and outside tourists due to its ancient and gentle beauty. Here, you can even explore the most idyllic beauty.

It is said that in Hoi An, everything has been kept intact from the 17th, 18th century until now. Especially, Hoi An old town nightlife have not changed for hundreds of years. When seeing houses still standing together which are beautiful but full of reflections and walking on the streets at night, you will find yourself, find out your old, nostalgic things and beautiful memories of childhood right on this strange but fully familiar land.

Cong Coffee Shop in Danang

Location: This coffee shop is located on Bach Dang Street of Danang City. Sit by the windows on the floor of the cafe, freely, you can both see Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge at night and enjoy the delicious cups of coffee which come with the breath of Hanoi capital.

Cong Coffee in Danang

Cong Coffee Shop

Features: This shop attracts mostly young people as well as tourists from all over the world. In the cases of the crowded shop, you even must have a seat outside – the sidewalk. But, that’s not a reason to worry about, you are able to enjoy disengagement, sip a cup of coffee, and see streets at night when sitting here.

Apart from the coffee business mainly, this shop also provides some other drinks such as coconut milk coffee, Bac Xiu (milk coffee made according to the processing way of Chinese), Yogurt Coffee or types of pure fruit juices. The price of drinks here are affordable from 30.000 to 50.000VND.

Danang Sun Wheel

Location: Sun Wheel is located at Asia Park (Cong Vien Chau A), next to Tran Thi Ly Bridge, nearby the central city of Danang City. Just within 15 minutes on this wheel, you will have a panoramic view of Danang City at night such as Hai Van Quan, Son Tra Peninsula.

Danang Sun Wheel

Danang Sun Wheel

Features: With the height of 115 meters, Sun Wheel is Vietnam’s biggest wheel now. This Sun Wheel has a total capacity of up to 384 people for a spin (including 64 cabins, each cabin contains a maximum of 6 people)
The operation of Sun Wheel is from 17:00 – 22:00 every day. The fare is 50.000 VND for adults, free for children under one meter, tickets are valid for a day.

Danang Bar SKY36

Location: Located on the 35-36 floor of Novotel Hotel (two top floors), No.36, Bach Dang (the bustling street in the heart of the city), Hai Chau District, Bar SKY36 is really a night entertainment spot of the young in Danang.

Danang Bar SKY36

Bar SKY36

Features: Bar SKY36 has systematic modern glass elevators which provide tourists more exciting things when seeing the shimmering colors of the beach city – Danang at night in different heights. In addition, from Bar SKY36, you can also see the romantic Han River, majestic mountains or the vast space of the beach…

The menu here is also very rich with snacks and cocktails in bold taste. The price of drinks ranges from 160.000VND.