Vung Tau nightlife: things to do at night, best bars/pubs

Perhaps the most beautiful Vung Tau is its appearance at night when everything here is overwhelmed by wind and the sound of the beach waves. Vung Tau nightlife with all bars, restaurants, coffee shops are suddenly full of vitality and incredible noise.

Vung Tau nightlife

Vung Tau nightlife.

Roads in full wind in Vung Tau have gradually become roads in love with the couples who both have a date and enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere. The sparkling and fanciful lights in Vung Tau are adornment for a dreamy and tender city.

The good diners and restaurants at night in Vung Tau

Ganh Hao Shop:
This is a reliable choice for lovers of seafood. Although they don’t sell at an extortionate price, there are still some seafood dishes with a higher price.
Address: 03 Tran Phu, Ward 5, Vung Tau City

Truong Cong Dinh fish hotpot :

Vung Tau fish hotpot
This is located at 40 Truong Cong Dinh where is famous for kinds of hotpots especially ray hotpot. The price of these hotpots ranges from 130.000VND – 170.000VND.

Tu Nhien Snail Shop:

Vung Tau snail
It is located at 34 Tran Phu. This is a reliable address for those who love enjoying types of snail dishes. Tu Nhien Shop is inclusive of 20 varying snail dishes with diverse ways of processing and attractive taste. The price of these snail dishes ranges from 35.000VND to 65.000VND. This shop is always the top priority on price as well as quality for tourists in Vung Tau.

Co Nen Shop with grilled dishes:

Vung Tau grilled dishes
This is one of the preferred shops due to the average price and enthusiastic attention. The shop is located at 10 Tran Phu (Vung Tau Front Beach – Bai Truoc Vung Tau). This grilled dishes shop includes a variety of fresh seafood dishes such as squid, octopus, and shrimp…

Banh Khot Shop in star apple tree (Glorious Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes):

This shop is located at 4, Nguyen Truong To – Vung Tau. You should visit it once if traveling Vung Tau because this is one of many famous Banh Khot shops with a bargain price.

Banh Beo Tuyet Mai (Vietnamese Pancake):

Banh beo Tuyet Mai
The fragrant, smooth pancakes with the fatty flavor of typical coconut milk always offer incredible attraction and stimulation. Located at 9, Phan Chu Trinh, this is famous for the style of tasty – nutritional – cheap features with the young.

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Some interesting things to do at night in Vung Tau

Take part in dog racing:

Vung Tau dog racing
Dogs used for dog racing in Vung Tau are the greyhound genus in the run up to 60km per hour. This dog racing competition is held in Lam Son Stadium (address: 15, Le Loi). You are able to view and participate in betting according to the following way. If choose the fastest dog, you bet “Win”, “Execta” for the second one and “Trifecta” for the third pick (this level is chosen the most because the capacity of winning is higher than other 2 remaining levels).

Ride the double bicycle:

Vung Tau double bicycle
With fresh air, traveling Vung Tau at night by using a double bike to enjoy the coastal paths is surely an interesting choice. You can utilize a double bike to see Vung Tau at night with your friend or partner along Tran Phu and Ha Long Street, for example. Keep in mind that you should save the phone number of owner of double bike company to contact in anticipation of broken bike.

Ride an electric bike:

Electric bike is also a kind of vehicle to help you see a beautiful Vung Tau at night farther and faster. These electric bicycles are usually in front of Bien Dong resort and Thuy Van Street. With a diverse capacity, you can choose 3-seat electric bike, 7-seat, 10-seat and 13-seat models. Each can run with the route about 10km to 20km to the stops such as Christ the King (Tuong Chua Dang Tay), Nirvana Vihara (Niet Ban Tinh Xa).

Night entertainment, best bars/clubs in Vung Tau

If you are the kind of young, dynamic person here are our suggestions for best bars/pubs/clubs:

Queen 101 Beer Club

Queen 101 Beer Club

– Queen 101 Beer Club
Address: 199 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Vung Tau city.

-Blue Moon Club
Address: 2 Nguyen Du Street

– Black Pearl Bar
Address: 64 Ha Long Street

– Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Café
Address: 90 Ha Long Street

– Vuvuzela Beer Club
Address: First Floor of Imperial Plaza, 159 – 163 Thuy Van Street

– Neverland Beer
Address: 97 Vo Thi Sau Street

– TGT Disco Club
Address: 158 Ha Long Street

-Amadeus Bar Pub Bistro
Address: 2 Nguyen Trai Street

Traveling Vung Tau at night is always the top priority for most of tourists. One night in Vung Tau to visit several places for entertainment and enjoy the tasty and fresh seafood dishes will help you forget about tiredness. Of course, you will be refreshed to start a new week full of challenges.