The Dos & Don’ts when shopping in Vietnam

This issue brings the reader some do’s and don’ts for when shopping in Vietnam.

A shop in the Hanoi Old Quarter.

A shop in the Hanoi Old Quarter.


-Stroll through the Old Quarter to get yourself immersed in the robust life of the old traditional Hanoi and buy many kind of Vietnam typical souvenirs.

-Stroll along the alleys in District 1, HCMC to order crab vermicelli or the mouth-watering stir fried snails with tamarinds or stop by the Ben Thanh market to get immersed in the diverse world of the Southern savors.

-It would be an incomplete travel to Ho Chi Minh City without experiencing the vibrant nightlife of this sleepless city. Let’s walk through the Western Quarter such as Bui Vien or Pham Ngu Lao to revel in the jolly and the lively ambience of this city with its night market, amazing street food and pints of beer.

-Remember to bargain especially when purchasing souvenirs or at the market.


-A sort walk of window shopping through streets and market is not recommended in the morning since shop owners deem it a bad luck.

-Buy or take goods from street vendors without asking the price in advance.

-Wear handbags or valuable items during strolls.

-Walk alone at night or in deserted places.

-Ride a motorbike at rush hours especially between 7AM – 9AM and 5PM – 7PM.