Ho Chi Minh City nightlife: what to do at night in Saigon

One of the interesting points of Ho Chi Minh City nightlife (former name: Saigon) compared to Hanoi nightlife is that in Hanoi, most activities end at 11:00 pm while Saigon is dubbed a heaven of night where never makes people sleep. The games only start when it’s darker and darker.

Ho Chi Minh city nightlife

Ho Chi Minh City at night

At night, Saigoneses have many choices to pamper themselves. Do you want to become a vagabond in the only night in Saigon? Let’s explore below:

1. Take a stroll and “selfie” pictures in the Nguyen Hue Walking Street

One of the top places in Saigon nightlife you shouldn’t miss is this Nguyen Hue Walking Street. This is an ideal destination to have the great “selfie” pictures with your friends and your family.

Nguyen Hue street at night

Nguyen Hue street at night

In the evening, the lights of buildings make these places more fanciful and sparkling. Not to mention, the vibrant and bustling atmosphere spreads at each corner. The crowded streams of people and boisterous laughter make this place’s atmosphere lively and attract more tourists.

The Walking Street is the destination for all ages, a place of cultural exchange and artistic performances. Here, there are the interesting street activities making you enjoy: the bands with drums, guitars which create the happy songs (young people will give themselves to each dance).

Or simply, it’s just activities of daily lives. For example, groups of young people gather to chat, laugh, and “selfie”. Meanwhile, the lovely dogs are taken a walk by owners, lovers hold hands tenderly. Are these attractive enough to travel in Saigon?

2. Enjoy the different coffee space

Saigon can satisfy all the most demanding tourists with the different coffee spaces. Whenever you would like to enjoy overenthusiastic space, let you come to the live music cafes, the rock coffee shops with the kind of Acoustic music. At that time, there will be just you and music. The sounds of drums, guitar as well as people will help you dance to the lively tunes.

Ho Chi Minh City nightlife - enjoy coffee

Enjoy coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

Or simply, if you want to see the city when everyone sleeps, there are available 24/7 coffee shops to serve you. When it’s darker, the signs are still sparkling like inviting people to enjoy the peaceful moments of the night. A coffee fragrance will make up your senses and create the inspirational work for the young people. Or with some people, they just love looking at the lights of the night and the streams of means.

3. Visit the Western Street to take the air and chat

The Western Street is a common name which is called by the Saigoneses and tourists about an area of streets: Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham, Bui Vien, and Do Quang Dau. This place is just really busy at night about 7:00 pm even later.

Saigon nightlife in Western Street

Western Street in Saigon

At that time, people and vehicles pass by very bustling. There are not only passers-by but also shops close together full of seats. It seems to be that music opened from bars and pubs to attract to both home and outside tourists.

The new friends, the stories from strange lands all over the world make all people closer together with the cool bottles of beers. The darker it is, the more boisterous this place is. After a long traveling day in the famous destinations, at night, tourists can visit here in order to sip some bottles of beer with their friends and enjoy an airy atmosphere as well as sidewalk lifestyle in the city. Nights in the Western Street are always colorful by the constantly flashing lights of shops, the noisy chatting sounds, and the unique street performances.

4. Go to the cinema

If you hesitate to get outside on the hot days, although you really want to watch your favorite movies, in Saigon, there are available cinemas showing at midnight.

Ho Chi Minh cinema

To meet demands for customers just wanting to go out after 9:00 pm, most of the cinemas have added many film shows even there are shows at 1:00 am. One of the most attractive points is usually the late shows because you will be preferential when buying popcorn and water. This is a great idea for your plan to go to Saigon nightlife, right?

Another plus point makes you love going to the cinemas in Saigon is that there are a lot of options for your various hobbies: family theaters for friend groups wanting to enjoy private spaces (this creates the best comfort to enjoy the attractive movies), or watching movies with the moon and stars on the terrace.

5. Gather at the Saigon Opera House

Considered as a long-standing theater, the Saigon Opera House represents a vicissitude value of Ho Chi Minh City. Now, it has become an unmissable destination with Saigon tourists.

Saigon Opera House

Saigon Opera House

If during the day, this place makes you admire with the unique architectural features while at night, the shimmering lights turn this Saigon Opera House into a magical and sparkling area.

In the evening, with an only plastic glass of milk tea, you will be very happy when gathering with your friends in front of the Opera House’s steps to chat, sing or simply see the streams of means. Moreover, you can also purchase a ticket to see the unique music performances.

6. Top Bars and Clubs in Ho Chi Minh City

Below, I will list some specific destinations in Saigon for young people with their specific price, clothing, and address:

• Chill Skybar:

Chill Skybar in Ho Chi Minh City

Chill Skybar

This place includes an airy space with the beautiful panoramic view of the whole city, the top-ranking drinks as well as several excellent entertainment performances and continuous, diverse events each week. Chill Sky Bar always keeps the top position in the Saigon nightlife.
Price: over 88.000 VND
Clothing: No sport clothing and open toe sandals
Address: 76A, Le Lai, District 1

• Air 360 Skybar:

Air 360 is also listed in the most popular sky bars today. If you like a luxurious and quiet space to admire the beauty of Saigon at night, this is surely a perfect choice.
Price: over 69.000 VND
Clothing: No sport clothing and open toe sandals
Address: 136-138 Le Thi Hong Gam, District 1.

• Boheme:

This is one of the famous flesh-pots at the bustling Western Street – Bui Vien. Prices for drinks and fruits are pretty cheap. It is usually crowded on the weekends. Currently, Boheme is divided into 2 areas with 2 different styles. One is Boheme Premier where suits young people to dance with the kinds of strong and vibrant music. Another is right next to the Boheme Premier where is designed after the English Pub style. Mostly, it just plays the light songs fitting to people who just want to be talkative without loving noise.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: free
Address: 28/2A Bui Vien, District 1

• The Penthouse:

The design of the Penthouse is cosy and classic with the beautiful dark colors. This is also appropriate to the dates or get-togethers. With the lovers of hip hop music, the Penthouse is an unmissable destination
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: No shorts and flip flops.
Address: 208 Nguyen Trai, District 1.

• S.I.X:

The lovers of Trap can’t but know the S.I.X. Newly opened, it has received attention from the majority of young people in Saigon due to its good and high-quality music as well as several attractive events.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: No shorts and flip flops.
Address: 9 Nguyen Trai, District 1


One of the hottest DJ in Saigon is currently the main DJ at the IRIS. Also, the extremely great events for young people are held here. Perhaps that’s a reason why the name – IRIS is recently mentioned more or less. Besides, IRIS also has a place with lighting effects and the most magic design today.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: No shorts and flip flops.
Address: 107 Pasteur, District 1.

• Lush Saigon:

This place is one of the most favorite flesh-pots in Saigon especially 12:00 am is the most boisterous and fun time. Lush is also divided into 2 areas. The inside is bar club for dancing freely while the outside is a lounge for relaxing and chatting. Here, DJ is pretty good at some kinds of music such as Hip Hop, Trap.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: No shorts and flip flops.
Address: 2 Ly Tu Trong, District 1

• Glow Skybar:

Is an ideal place to relax after stressful working hours, Glow always brings to everyone the gentle relaxing tunes. Prices of drinks here are reasonable, in particular, the cocktail is very delicious.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: No shorts and flip flops.
Address: 93 Nguyen Du, District 1

• Hair Of The Dog:

Favored by the youth from the South to the North, Hair Of The Dog has an extremely cool basement-style. However, it is pretty small and narrow compared to other bar pubs but this doesn’t decrease the “hot” level of the HOTD. Here has a bargain price suiting everyone.
Price: over 99.000 VND
Clothing: free
Address: 103 Bui Vien, District 1

• Poc Poc Beer Club:

Not to mention the “hot” level of Poc Poc, just need to come to this place one, you will be impressive by its vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s the weekend or weekday, customers in the Poc Poc have always crowded amazingly.

Poc Poc attracts many tourists in all ages due to its reasonable price and several unexpected offers. Here, there are two areas so that you choose as long as suiting with your entertainment demands: the hectic, crowded outdoor area and the indoor area (more private)
Price: over 50.000 VND
Clothing: free
Address: 39 Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3