Top 7 Things to Do in Hue

Mentioning Hue, people will think immediately an ancient palace with royal tombs where is the mark of national history, the pleasant and poetic Perfume River as well as quite, fresh air.

It can be said that Hue is one of the few cities without boisterous, noisy but many tourists want to take them to pull back even bringing the feeling of coming once, two times even more.

Top things to do in Hue

Visit Hue

Coming here, you are enjoyed not only peaceful and rustic human life but also several extremely famous historical sites and attractions.

Don’t miss the following top things to do in Hue – great experiences only in Hue. In spite of simply, it is very interesting even important for your attractive journey!

Go cyclo to enjoy the views

Go cyclo in Hue

Go cyclo

With your first time in Hue, you don’t ignore this unique and preferred experience. It is very interesting to have a look around Hue, see the city from Trang Tien Bridge or move around the old town and learn about the lives of people here.

Despite the small Hue city, if you want to finish in only day, you can’t enjoy all scenic places here. Therefore, choosing cyclo as a means will help you easily visit the historical monuments such as Hue Imperial Citadel, Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Minh Mang, Thien Mu pagoda and Dong Ba market.

Along the way, you are able to visit any your favorite tourist destinations. For example, a delicious diner is introduced by your driver of cyclo even visit the old house sold souvenirs to buy bracelets, oil paintings or the clothes of Hue style without the worry of being urged or charged hours as a taxi.

Visit Dong Ba Market

visit Dong Ba market

Dong Ba market

Unlike other markets, Dong Ba Market is spend for Hue traders but very full of items from import to their production where is very busy and crowded.

Surprisingly, Dong Ba market is always clean and neat like a modern supermarket but it still brings a very close and friendly feeling. The items in this place are quite multiple from seafood, crafts to clothing, brocade, silk and jewelry…..

Visiting Dong Ba Market, you yourself are not only chosen and purchased souvenir gifts for relatives and friends but enjoyed a lot of famous specialties of Hue with a very affordable price as well.

Enjoy the specialties of Hue

top things to do in Hue - enjoy specialties

Hue’s specialties

The Hue cuisine is well-known throughout the country with a special flavor captivating people. For a long time ago, the ancient Hue capital has been very famous for nice, sophisticated and elegant imperial palace cuisine from preparing materials to processing and taste.

These dishes are ubiquitous throughout the country but under the talented hands of Hue people, you get these truly taste of dishes.

You can’t ignore the following delicious Hue dishes such as plain rice flan (banh khoai), Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo), Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles (bun thit nuong), beef rice noodles (bun bo), Hue mussel rice (com hen), big noodles with snakehead fish (banh canh ca loc), steamed rice pancake with shrimp (banh nam), steamed thin rice pancake (banh uot), tapioca cake packed with shrimp (banh bot loc), Hue lemongrass skewers (nem lui).

Gourmets cannot certainly ignore an interesting experience in Hue which that is to eat Che Hem (sweet soup). There are hundreds of different types of sweetened porridges sold in small gorges but all of them are incredibly delicious, cool with a multitude of flavors so that you choose freely.

Discover the Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach

The beautiful Lang Co beach is distant Hue over 70km with a wide range of activities on beach.

Freely and comfortably playing on the fine, white sand beaches with pure water, flying a kite, cycling and trying to make salt with locals or going backpacking by motorbike to see Hai Van Pass are unforgettable experiences when travelling Hue.

Lang Co owns not only a beautiful beach but also majestic mountains, lagoon and picturesque natural scenery. Fishing, dropping fishing-net or seeing dawn on ferry attracts many tourists.

Listen to Ca Hue on the Perfume River

listen to traditional music on Perfume River

Listen to traditional music on Perfume River

It is said that the Perfume River is an extremely major favour of nature for Hue. This river likes a peaceful silk ribbon flowing in the city.

In the evening, it is perfect for tourists to Hue presenting at the Truong Tien Bridge in order to buy ticket to Dragon Boat for enjoying the singings, ceremonial song, Hue royal court music, warm and catchy Ho Hue.

On these dragon boats, you are both listened Ca Hue and enjoyed Trang Tien Bridge, the sparkling and colorful Hue city in nightlife, twinkling flower garlands and coloured lanterns floating on the pleasant Perfume River.

Visit the royal tombs

visit Khai Dinh tomb

Tomb of Khai Dinh

Hue is the last capital of the feudal Nguyen dynasty so Hue retains for itself many palaces, tombs, ancient temples and these mausoleums are the main attractions here.

The main tombs include tomb of Khai Dinh, tomb of Tu Duc and tomb of Minh Mang where were built along the bank of the Perfume River by the Kings of this dynasty. You should spend at least one day to be able to visit and discover this whole extremely unique tomb system.

Have a stroll around Hue Imperial Citadel

visit Hue Imperial Citadel

Hue Imperial Citadel

One of destinations you must come when travelling Hue is Imperial Citadel in the Imperial City where was originally the residence of the Lord Kings. The Imperial Citadel is located at the North Bank of the Perfume River in an area of 500 hectares.

This is also the administrative, political center of the Nguyen dynasty and the place of living of royalty. In 1993, the Imperial Citadel was recognized honoured as cultural heritage of the world by UNESCO which brings pride for Vietnamese in general and Hue people in particular.

Visiting the Imperial Citadel, you will be admired the unique architectures of buildings with the large gates. The most impressive one is the Ngo Mon gateway – the biggest one situated in the South of Hue Imperial Citadel. Besides, there are many other magnificent palaces such as Thai Hoa, Phung Tien, Kien Trung Palaces.