Top 12 Best Beaches in Vietnam

With a long coastline over 3400 km, luckily! Vietnam owns a multitude of wonderful beaches. Below are the top 12 best beaches in Vietnam, keep reading.

1. My Khe Beach – Da Nang

The My Khe is in the top list of the most beautiful beaches on the planet of the Forbes Magazine. With the length of approximately 900m, this beach is one of the most bustling beaches of Da Nang.

My Khe Beach - Best beach in Vietnam

My Khe Beach

This place has the convenient point near to the center of the city, the spacious space, the beautiful scenery with full of quality services: hotel, restaurant, parking, bathing in the freshwater beach, umbrella and rubber ring rental.

Situated along the beach, there are dozens of shops with full of seafood dishes such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, and abalone…, their price suits budget of many tourists’ economic condition.

The My Khe Beach also has several kinds of valuable Algae such as Gracilaria asiatica and Gracilaria eucheumoides with high export value. To ensure the safety of tourists as well as locals while bathing, this My Khe beach has a rescue system including beach rescue watchtowers, lifebuoys, signal flags for swirling waters, rescuers working on day and night. All are ready to promptly rescue people in distress.

2. Son Tra Peninsula – Da Nang

Let you explore the Son Tra Peninsula in Son Tra District, the tourist Da Nang City where is distant the center of the city 13km. The Son Tra Peninsula has the clean and beautiful beaches almost pristine with blue water, and smooth white sand as well as a primeval forest with the rich flora and fauna.

Son Tra Beach

Son Tra Beach

Along the coast of the Son Tra Peninsula, there are many beautiful beaches including some famous beaches such as the Bai Bac – North Beach (Northern Peninsula), Bai Nam and Bai But – South Beach and But Beach (Southern Peninsula). Behind these beaches are a primeval forest with the very rich flora and fauna.

There are several rare species of animals and trees such as red-cheeked gibbon, green sea turtle put on the red list. Under these beaches are the large and beautiful coral reefs so it is very convenient for the development of the diving tourism.

When visiting this place, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, wonderful natural scenery, fish, catch squid, hunt lobster and learn the life of local residents…

3. Sao Beach – Phu Quoc

The northern coasts of the Phu Quoc Island haven’t yet been known too much so the Sao Beach is relatively unspoiled. It is distant the center of Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang about 25km.

The Sao Beach - Best beaches in Vietnam

The Sao Beach

Although it is dubbed “the way of suffering”, after the Sao Beach appears in front of your eyes, your fatigue will quickly disappear for sure. This is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the Phu Quoc Island. In the tourist season, tourists can take part in the diving or kayaking activities.

The Sao Beach is located in the An Thoi Town with a wide range of pandanus, beach morning glory, a brilliant, charming fine white sand coast, the surface of crystal clear and peaceful water long over 7 kilometers.

In this place, it is very easy for you to catch images of weather-beaten fisherman boating, fishing and catching seafood near to the resort for tourists.

4. Long Beach (Bai Dai) – Phu Quoc

The Long Beach

The Long Beach

The Bai Dai is located in the Northwest of the Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province. The 20km coastline is famous for everywhere because of the rows of coconuts bending themselves to the coast with the gentle and soft golden sand.

If you want to look for a quiet haven for sunbathing, enjoying the sunset and dropping down crystal clear river, this is really an ideal point.

5. Cat Ba Beach

There are 3 most well-known and attractive beaches in the Cat Ba Island, The general point of all three is that they are not too wide but surrounded by green mountains, smooth waves, crystal clear water and rising wind. The most interesting thing is that these 3 “brother” beaches are connected by a small wooden bridge along the slope (extremely romantic).

Cat Ba Beach

Cat Ba Beach

If you would like to enjoy the fun, lively atmosphere, you can draw on the crowd at the Cat Co 1 Beach. Most tourists will love pure water, wide beach and fine sand here. Otherwise, you can find a quieter space by following the Cat Tien Bridge to cross the Cat Co 2 Beach which is more beautiful and quieter.

If you want to try your swim and immerse deep in the beach, the Cat Co 3 Beach is the most suitable choice. The water here is deep with cool blue color, strong waves, surrounded by majestic mountains.

All 3 beaches are pretty famous so the travel services develop strongly. Besides the dreamlike resorts along the mountains overlooking the sea, the culinary services, the services of rental umbrellas, sun loungers are also varied.

6. Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang is located in the South Central region where is a developed city with the airport not too far away from the city. This place is recognized as the top beach tourist destination of Vietnam with the 6km coastline and attractive blue waves.

Nha Trang Beach - Nice beach in Vietnam

Nha Trang Beach

Besides, you can easily meet many foreign tourists swimming under the water, walking on the coast or taking a bottle of beer in a seaside bar. Moreover, tourists can also stop at the beautiful coffee shops or restaurants to enjoy the special sculptures.

The most interesting point of this city is the interface between a place to rest and a busy urban life. If you would like to enjoy the true beauty of the beach in Nha Trang City, tourists need to avoid traveling in November and December.

7. Hon Chong Island – Nha Trang

Hon Chong Island

Hon Chong Island

The Hon Chong Beach is located in the North of Nha Trang. Though it is lesser-known than the Nha Trang Beach, this is a great destination to stay, to enjoy the beauty of city and beach in the distance. In this place, there are the very cheap and delicious seafood restaurants.

8. Ha Long Bay

With foreign tourists, Ha Long Bay is a familiar and famous address when coming to Vietnam. Ha Long in Quang Ninh is distant Hanoi capital 3-4 hours of driving, where has thousands of large and small islands forming the exotic and glamorous scenery. Ha Long was recognized as a world natural heritage by UNESCO.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

From November to March, that is the time of the northern climate in winter so the temperature is quite low, the weather is chilly with drizzle. Thus, it can affect the feeling of tourists about the splendor of the scenery as well as make your return trip. During the summer months, Ha Long Bay welcomes many tourists from all over the world to see the wonderful scenery of this place.

Kayaking in the quiet water or swimming in the water with bioluminescent plankton may be two of many great things you can do in Ha Long.

9. An Bang Beach – Hoi An

An Bang is located on the territory of the Hoi An City, Quang Nam province. This place is known for its beautiful blue beach and clean white sand. At here, you will be enjoyed waves of beach, friendly and sociable locals. In 2014, An Bang is also listed in the top list of the planet’s 100 most beautiful beaches, according to CNNGo.

An Bang Beach - Hoi An

An Bang Beach

With TripAdvisor – the world’s largest travel website, there is a “rhetoric” which is very suitable this An Bang beach – that is “lovely beach”. This beach is distant the previous Cua Dai Beach not too far but recently, An Bang has just been known. Thus, An Bang is unspoiled and uncrowded as a “quite heaven” of Hoi An without being noisy, lively like the previous Cua Dai Beach.

The best time to visit the An Bang Beach is from May to September.

The best point of An Bang is that this place is always quiet. Tourist can listen to the echoes of the buzzing waves, the winds through the tree rows, each leaf. With my own experience, among that silence, all heavy feelings will suddenly disappear leaving only the simple joy of being immersed and felt the nature.

10. Ninh Chu Beach – Ninh Thuan

The Ninh Chu Beach is distant Phan Rang City 5km northbound with the 10km bow-shaped white sand coastline. The Ninh Chu Beach has very crystal clear water, gentle white sand, fresh air, the soughing of year-round waves…

Ninh Chu Beach - Amazing beach in Vietnam

Ninh Chu Beach

The Ninh Chu Beach is famous for a quiet destination suiting activities: swimming, sunbathing, surfing, fishing, sailing, climbing and relaxing in the weekend. This is a potential tourist area where attracts many tourists. This place is the combination of sunbathing, sightseeing and entertainment.

11. Con Dao Beach – Vung Tau

Con Dao is considered as one of the world’s 20 most mysterious islands, rated by the prestigious Travel and Leisure magazine in 2011. It is distant Vung Tau – the main city of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province 97 nautical mile and used to be dubbed “hell on earth”, but now Con Dao has become “the heaven of rest” with both home and outside tourists. To come to Con Dao, tourists can travel by plane or coach. If departing from Vung Tau, it will take you one night.

Con Dao Beach - Vung Tau

Con Dao Beach

The beaches around the island have light waves and smooth beaches. Dam Trau is the most beautiful beach on this island, the An Hai beach is quiet while the Dat Doc Beach is located deep in the gorge. When traveling to Con Dao Islands, you can explore the historical monuments, experience the feeling of “horror”.

For example, you are able to play trekking in the Ong Dung primeval forest, fishing and seeing green sea turtle laying. This place also has several revolutionary relics such as the Chuong Cop relic, Hang Duong cemetery…

Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious seafood dishes or crispy Hat Bang.

12. Mui Ne Beach – Phan Thiet

Mui Ne is one of the top addresses of Vietnamese beach tourism in Binh Thuan where attracts many tourists thanks to its blue beach, white sand and pretty sunshine. Besides, there are the murmuring streams, a wide range of luxurious resorts surrounded by the fun attractions as well as the cheap seafood dishes and typical dishes.

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach

Rang Beach (Bai Rang or Bien Rang) is the most beautiful beach of Phan Thiet under the dense coconut groves. The dune in Mui Ne names the Bay Dune because of its constant changing shape every day, every hour.

The deep inside is Suoi Tien with the beautiful red, pink colors. The white lotus pool is located between the dune and Bau Ong, Bau Ba, is a great destination for the lovers of exploring. You can ride on the sand and boat in the pool to see the blooming lotus.

You are able to come to Mui Ne by coach or motorbike. The hotel price here ranges from 200.000 VND – 4.5 million/ a night, depend on you choose staying motels or hotels. To save, you can eat at the Mui Ne Market or shops on the way. The maximum cost for 2 people in Mui Ne within two days and one night ranges from two – four million.