How to get to Ho Chi Minh city from Hanoi?

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Ho Chi Minh City┬áis not only the biggest cultural-economic center in Viet Nam but also “transit point” for domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore, this city is always crowded and busy. If you are intending to travel Sai Gon but don’t know how to get to there, below I will help you to have a safe, saving and rewarding trip.

How to get to Ho Chi Minh city from Hanoi?

You can visit Sai Gon by many means such as train, taxi, and plane

Train: You should take the Thong Nhat train from Hanoi station because this is the fastest train (30 hours) from Hanoi to Sai Gon. Ticket fare will depend on which kind of seat and compartment you purchase.

Taxi: You had better choose car marker such as Hoang Long, Mai Linh because of their good services, big car beds, and cheap prices. The moving time by taxi is from 30 to 40 hours so ticket prices usually range over 500.000 VND.

Plane: You ought to opt for Jetstar or Vietjet to suit to cheap and saving tourist experience in Sai Gon. The moving time is 1:30′. Round-trip fare is about over 800.000 VND.

Some note

However, in spite of traveling by any type of means, you had better also call for asking and booking ticket in advance. In particular, plane and train usually have some discounts so you need to follow and book these tickets about from 1-2 months before traveling.

In case you travel by your personal means, it is essential to bring full of your car documents and private papers as well as comply with traffic laws. Besides, you also need a bottle of gasoline as a reserve in anticipation of out of gas in stations without selling gasoline.