Ha Giang Travel Guide


Located at the highest latitude in Vietnam, Ha Giang is surrounded by Cao Bang on the East, Tuyen Quang on the South, Lao Cai and Yen Bai on the West while sharing a border with China in the North.
The far north of the province has some of the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam and the trip between Dong Van and Meo Vac is a mindblower for motorbikers. The area of Ha Giang Province is characterized by fabled limestone ni complete with karst formations and colorful untouched ethnic minorities.


Dong Van Stone Plateau: the Dong Van plateau was recognized by UNESCO as one of the 77 geological parks in the world and the second in Southeast Asia. Dong Van is home to nearly 20 ethnic groups, with diverse cultures and traditions, making it a must see destination.

A house surrounded by a stone fence in Dong Van Plateau.

A house surrounded by a stone fence in Dong Van Plateau.

Ma Pi Leng Pass: one of the most difficult passes to built, but also one of the most fascinating and beautiful. The pass encompasses the deep canyon of the Nho Que River below and it’s surrounding high mountains, resulting in a height difference of more than 1km, enhanced by vertical cliffs and barren rock, deserts all around.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Hmong King Palace: often dubbed Vua Meo (king of H’mong), the palace’s official name is Vuong Chinh Sinh. During his reign, the charismatic king attracted a lot of attention when he and other Meo residents joined forces with Ho Chi Minh to gain national freedom.

Hmong King Palace

Hmong King Palace

Lung Cu Flagpole: the flagpole, around 24km from the centre of Dong Van District, is a famous destination marking the extreme North of the country.

Sapa Khau Vai Market: the love market takes place only once a year when the moon completely disappears for the last time in March. According to legend, the market dates back to the unrequited love between a young boy and girl. The market not only promotes marriage, but is also the social event of the year where old friends meet up and new ones are made.

Getting there

A road trip to Ha Giang will give you the once in a life time chance to explore a splendid area of lime stone mountain ranges and incredible terraced paddy fields. Pick a good motorbike, learn the map carefully and conquer the seemingly impossible but stunning road networks to witness the real and remote Vietnam with your own wheels. If not much time for a motorbike, buses to Ha Giang are easy to come by at My Dinh station.


There are several acceptable hotels ranging from standard to 2 star in the center of Ha Giang Town. Room rate starts from 200k.

-Ha Duong Hotel: (84-219) 3862 555
-Hoa Long Hotel: (84-219) 3868 989
-Hoang Anh Hotel: (84-219) 3863 558
-Phuong Dong Hotel: (84-219) 3867 979
-Thuy Dung Hotel: (84-219) 3862259