How to Get to Danang

Danang (or Da Nang) is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in Vietnam with the fast economic growth. This city has many famous attractions such as Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills, Han River and many other recreational areas.

In particular, Danang has a lot of legendary bridges with the unique architecture such as Dragon Bridge, the bridge of the Han River….Besides, Danang has a very good security service so you can set your mind at rest completely when traveling here. Below is how to get to Danang.

How to get to Danang

There are 3 kinds of the most common vehicles to travel Danang are planes, trains and coaches.

Plane to Danang

The domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar or VietJetAir have routes to Danang especially these airlines frequently offer promotions about ticket fare to Danang. Normally, ticket fare to Da Nang is just under 1 million per a ticket and on discounts, price is cheaper very much. You had better contact directly to company to be booked the cheapest ticket fare.

Before your trip, you ought to know your landing schedule at Da Nang airport in order to contact in advance with the shuttle service from airport to the center of Da Nang city or Hoi An directly (or that can be your hotel’s address).

Train to Danang

Da Nang has train station inside city so it is very convenient to move from place to place in there. Train is an ideal option for tourists who are carsick. Moreover, you can delight sights on the way. Ticket fare of train is also very cheap. Pay attention to book ticket as soon as possible to get cheap price and the best seat.

Coach to Danang

The Da Nang’s coach station is located at the center of city so it is very convenient to move. All of provinces have routes to Da Nang so if you intend to go by coach, you ought to contact to owner of a passenger car first.

Alternatively, you can go backpacking by your own motorcycle to Da Nang but you should travel with many extra people to make sure safety. This kind of traveling is very convenient because you don’t be depended on a certain time and have opportunities for enjoying sights along the way.

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When arriving to Da Nang, to travel to lots of tourist attractions near there as convenient as possible in a budget, you can rent bikes. Below are a few cheapest and most prestigious motorcycle rentals in Da Nang:

Truong Dat Motorcycle Company
Duong Khue Motorcycle Company
Le Truong Motorcycle Company
Anh Tuan Motorbike Company
Dang Khoa Company
Phuong Binh Motorbike Rental.