How to get to Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc

Weather in Tam Dao is cool all year round which is rivaled Sapa and Da Lat. What’s more, its natural surroundings are extremely romantic and majestic. You will love fanciful homes in smog and clouds as well as its fresh air. Tam Dao has been really become an ideal tourist destination. Below, I will share you how to get this wonderful place.

How to get to Tam Dao

Tam Dao is distant the center of Hanoi City about 85km (the moving time about 2 hours) so it is very convenient to arrive Tam Dao. You can travel by coach, bus, motorbike or taxi.


The majority of young people love going backpacking Tam Dao by motorbike because of the quite short distance and easy to ride. From Hanoi, let you follow Pham Hung Street go straight to Vinh Yen Town, Vinh Phuc Province then turn into the 28 road to ride extra 25km. Then you will see Tam Dao.


Meanwhile, most of students like traveling by bus safe and saving. At Long Bien, you get on 58 bus (Long Bien – Me Linh route) after that from Me Linh plaza, you get on 01 bus to Vinh Phuc town then go 07 bus Vinh Yen – Tam Dao.

Or at My Dinh station, you get on a coach from Hanoi to Vinh Yen.

There you get off at branching roads to Ta Dao then choose a taxi or motorbike taxi to Tam Dao.


Besides, you can opt for train from Hanoi to Lao Cai then get off at Vinh Yen station. Next, get on the 07 bus to branching roads Tam Dao – Tay Thien then opt for a taxi or motorbike taxi to the top of Tam Dao.

If you stay in the Central or South area, you can visit Tam Dao by coach, train or plane to Hanoi then move to Tam Dao – Vinh Phuc following the route above.