Nha Trang nightlife: things to do at night, best bars/clubs

Nha Trang at night is very splendid and mysterious. When walking on the fine white sand beach, tourists can breathe in the fresh air which is mixed with a little bit salty flavor of the beach.

Nha Trang nightlife

Nha Trang nightlife looks like being coated a splendid and shimmering dress to go to festivals. Below are some interesting places you should visit at least once when traveling Nha Trang.

Watch water music shows in Vinpearl Land

Featured in the categories of entertainment in Vinpearl Land is the water music stage – Vinpearl. With the 5.000-seat capacity, it is considered as the largest and most modern water music stage in Vietnam. This is a special art subject due to its magical combination of the unique motion effects of sound, light, fire, and water.

water music shows in Vinpearl Land

The water music shows in Vinpearl Land

Every day, this Vinpearl water music stage offers their viewers – the lovers of exploring the technical perfection – the sparkling, colorful art performances. Seeing and enjoying the unique symphony of water, fire, and light will bring you a great aftertaste.

Move: To get to Vinpearl Land, you have to take cable car or canoe from Nha Trang City. Fare for a cable car ticket is 550.000VND/ adult; 450.000/ kid (1.0m – 1.4m). The ticket includes the game services on the “Pearl of Vietnam” (Hon Ngoc Viet)

Take a walk around the Walking Street and night market

Nha Trang Night Market (the center of the Walking Street in Nha Trang) is an indispensable point for shopping and discovering the beauty of the native culture. The night market here reappears the setting of beloved Vietnamese village with carriages, bananas, and bamboo bridge crossing canals…

Nha Trang night market

Nha Trang night market

Now the night market has over 100 booths selling souvenir, fashion items, and marine products, most of which are craft stalls which originate in the villages in the South Central. The night market is also a place where gets the culinary elite convergence of Nha Trang in particular and Vietnam in general with a variety of stalls and dishes.

Position: The walking street and night market is located at the side of the Cultural Center, 46 Tran Phu. The operation of the market is from 15:00 to 23:00 every day.

Visit the Christ the King Cathedral

In addition to the official name, locals usually call with the simple names: the Stone Church, the Mountain Church, the Nha Trang Church, or the Nga Sau Church. This Cathedral looks like an ancient Roman Castle in a distance. It is one of the unique architectural styles of France where was built entirely in the architectural style of Gotic Church.

Christ the King Cathedral in Nha Trang

The Christ the King Cathedral

The Cathedral has a beautiful space where the majority of tourists, photographers, and cameramen love very much. The couples usually choose this place for their wedding photos. The unique feature of this cathedral is the bronze bell hung on the bell tower and mounted a big clock above especially its 4 sides facing the four directions. The most prominent is the chancel with a vast and well-fit space.

Move: This Church is located in the middle of Nha Trang Center (Thai Nguyen Street) so you just need to walk for visiting.

Do night squid fishing

A strange experience and you yourself can enjoy what you fish.

squid fishing in Nha Trang

The boat for squid fishing

When the night starts, that is also the perfect time for your departure of discovering this beautiful city at night. Although the beach is still there, its appearance in the evening becomes more endlessly, strange, and attractive even with the indigenous people. Tourists can go with a ship out of the beach. From that ship, tourists can see another different image of Nha Trang with the shimmering and fanciful lights.

After a move, the ship will moor in an area with the largest herds of squid. Stimulated by the lights, these herds of squid will gather around the ship and bait. The most interesting thing when fishing squid is that tourists can sit together and enjoy their results on the ship. It’s really hard to resist the fresh and tasty squids which are steamed or grilled with fragrance dipped in the chili sauce.

Cuisine: Tourists can order a meal from the shipowner. It’s more interesting for tourists to enjoy their own result after fishing squid.

Sailing Club

Experience the vibrant atmosphere at night.

Nha Trang Sailing Club

Nha Trang Sailing Club

Sailing Club is known as one of the complex resorts including hotel, bar, and famous nightclub. The unique point of Sailing Club is its adaptableness according to the time of day. From sunrise, until night falls, you can have the moments of fun here.

When the sun disappears behind the beautiful hill, Sailing Club turns into a romantic and luxurious setting with the wonderful dishes. And when you think it’s time to come back the hotel, Nha Trang Sailing Club is attractive you one more time with the lively atmosphere of bar and dance floor. It operates until dawn especially the later it is, the more crowded customers are.

Position: Sailing Club is located at the center of the city near to the beach so you just need to walk to here.

Altitude Rooftop Bar

The highest bar in Nha Trang.

Altitude Rooftop Bar in Nha Trang

Altitude Rooftop Bar

Altitude Rooftop is a harmonious combination between the low-level seats inside and the comfortable high-level seats, sofa outside which helps you immerse yourself in the open space. The strength of Altitude Rooftop is the vision with the unlimited 270-degree wide angle so you can see the panorama of Nha Trang City.

Sunset at Altitude is a perfect time, if you want to immerse yourself in the switch between day and night, the glamor of the city when lights up. The vibrant sounds of DJ at night will certainly contribute to the endless fun and memorable experiences for you and your relatives. Altitude Rooftop opens every day from 16:00 to 23:00

Position: Altitude Rooftop Bar is located on the 28th floor, Sheraton Hotel, Nha Trang. You can walk to here.

Lunar Lounge

Sip coffee and see Nha Trang at night.

Lunar Lounge Nha Trang

Lunar Lounge

Lunar Lounge is a combination of bar, restaurant, and coffee terrace located on the 4th floor of Nha Trang Center with a wide and attractive angle. From this point, tourists have the opportunity to see a Nha Trang Nightlife as magnificent as Paris. Come to this place, tourists can enjoy beef steak and Nha Trang’s most delicious Spanish dishes while enjoying the charming views of the beach from the terrace.

The live music program, the unique fire dances, and fascinating events always attract many tourists. Besides, you can also experience shopping, watching movies and children can take part in some games at the beneath floor of Nha Trang Center.

Location: Nha Trang Center is located on Tran Phu Street. You just need to walk to there.

Rocky Club

Enjoy the parties steeped in colors and modern music.

Rocky Club  in Nha Trang

Rocky Club

Rocky Club is one of the biggest clubs in the coastal city – Nha Trang. With a large space, maximum capacity up to more than 500 people, Rocky Club is always an attractive name with the youth and any tourists in Nha Trang. In addition, thanks to a private space, unique design, modern equipment of sound, light, incredibly vibrant music mixed and performed by professional DJs, tourists will be happy with the parties steeped in colors and modern music. Rocky Club regularly organizes events on the major holidays and invites well-known actors and singers talking to fans every week

Move: It is conveniently located in the heart of the city, 75A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Tourists can walk to here

Enjoy Nha Trang Beach

Indeed, Nha Trang nightlife has a special attraction for anyone who is living or used to stay there. It fascinates most of people because of all the dearest and closest things. Nha Trang Nightlife is sparkling with the dances of light so traveling Nha Trang Beach on summer and taking a stroll around there are the most wonderful things with tourists.

Nha Trang beach at night

Nha Trang beach at night

In the evening, if you ride a bicycle from the top of Tran Phu Street to the Stone Bridge (Cau Da), you can take the sight of the pretty beach, and the shimmering Vinpearl cable car at night into your eyes. The connecting cable cars shuttle back and forth like carrying the love from land to beach and carrying the cool breeze from the beach to land.

Or if you see backward to the Husband Island (Hon Chong), Nha Trang across the colorful Tran Phu Bridge to come to Bai Tien, you will have the opportunity to see the whole marine city at night – a sparkling princess.

Enjoy the nocturnal eating culture in Nha Trang

eating at night in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a hot spot of tourism so eating and drinking are branches which are developed quite massively. When traveling Nha Trang, tourists are not only immersed in the cool water of blue beach at night, taken a walk on the endless stretches of sand beaches but also enjoyed the fresh seafood from vendors on the beach such as scallop, crab, snails, and shrimp (very attractive).

When it hasn’t been dark, there are the appearances of these small and big vendors. Below are some considerations:

• Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street specializes in hotpot: Eel Hotpot, Goat Hotpot, and Beef Hotpot…
• Highway 1 from Ma Vong to Cau Dua specializes in grilled duck
• In the Western Quarter, there are many shops for foreigners
• Thap Ba Street specializes in seafood and specialties of Nha Trang.
• Le Quy Don Street also has another name – Snack Street.