How to get to Sapa

Are you planning to go to Sapa? So do you know how to get there? My following information may help you get a safe and saving trip. Below are how to travel in Sapa – Vehicles for travelling in Sapa.

There are 4 ways to go to Sapa:

how to get to Sapa

Village in Sapa


In the event of this option, I recommend you choose sleeper coaches. However, don’t forget to call for owner of a passenger car to ask price and book tickets. When booking ticket, you should book return ticket in anticipation of selling out of tickets in the peak months.

You ought to select the following prestigious car marker with good quality services and average prices such as Hung Thanh, Hai Van, Sao Viet.


The Hanoi – Lao Cai bus line runs on expressway so it just takes you about 4 hours to come there. Ticket fare of bus is also cheaper than coach’s very much. You can contact directly with the car maker above in order to ask price and book ticket. In my opinion, this is the best option for travelling in Sapa.


If you are intending to travel by train, you had better also buy ticket for sleeper and choose a night route because visiting Sapa in the early morning is very beautiful.

The more important thing is that you will get enough energy to go out when arriving there recently. If you live in Hanoi, there is available ticket delivery with charge for you.

The personal vehicles

In case you would like to visit Sapa by motorbike, you just need to take backpack up and go. However, remember to prepare full your private papers and motorbike documents as well as gasoline in anticipation of meeting any unexpected cases for your trip in Sapa.