How to get to and getting around Da Lat

Da Lat – a great choice for people who want to escape from the sultry heat of summers as well as be enjoyed sights and immersed in the great beauty of nature.

how to get to Da Lat

How to get to Da Lat

Basically, there are two kinds of means to travel Dat Lat: plane and coach


Now, Hanoi, HCM City, and Da Nang have direct flights belonging to Vietnam Airline and Vietjetair to Lien Khuong airport of Da Lat. Ticket fare usually ranges from 850.000VND to 2.000.000VND, depending on which type of ticket and airline you choose. In particular, these airlines usually have promotions with cheap tickets so let you follow them or register email on homepage to “hunt” ticket.


Da Lat is distant the center of Sai Gon about 300km so you can get on coach with ticket fare about 200.000vnd/ a normal ticket/ a trip and 240.000vnd/ a sleeper ticket/ a trip. With my own experience, you had better travel Da Lat by coaches of Phuong Trang or Thanh Buoi car maker.

Besides these two kinds of vehicles to travel Da Lat, you can also get on Open bus of car maker such as Kim Travel, Hanh Cafe, Sinh Tourist with ticket fare ranging from 150.000 to 250.000vnd/ a person/ a trip. Or you are able to visit Da Lat by your own personal means but remember to bring full of motorbike document and drive right speed regulation, if you don’t want to be paid the fine and kept your motorbike document.

Getting around Da Lat

There are 5 types of vehicles to move and visit Dalat:

Motorbike or bike

In my opinion, you should rent a motorbike or bike to visit around Da Lat. The average price ranges from 80.000 to 120.000vnd/ day. This way is both cheap and proactive. You can ask for rent one at your hotel or hostel.


Like other tourist spots, in the event of your good economic condition, you ought to select taxi. Although it is convenient and safe, its price is pretty high. Therefore, when getting on taxi, you had better opt for reputable car maker with timer.


Besides motorbike and bike, in Da Lat, you are allowed to rent a self-drive car with price about 1.000.000vnd/ day. Overtime will count 100.000/ hour.


The public transport is also a good hint. The bus routes will start from the center of city to each tourist spot. The ticket fare will be counted as each your stretch of road from 4.000 to 30.000vnd.

Electric car

This kind of car can carry a maximum of 6 people. You are able to rent a car with a driver or self-drive car to visit Da Lat freely.

Note: When renting vehicle to travel Da Lat, remember to bring ID or equivalent document and deposit.