How to go to Hue

In general, the ancient imperial capital of Hue is located between Dong Hoi and Dong Ha. Hue is one of three largest regions in Vietnam. Here, you will be admired a weird and charming attraction, the truly pretty, gentle and seductive straddling Perfume River (song Huong) next to the imposing Ngu Binh mountain.

How to go to Hue

The gate of the Imperial City, Hue

• You can rent motorbikes with prices from 100-200.000VND per day to facilitate for your visit. Besides, when visiting Dai Noi, you had better move by cyclos to feel the idyllic and rustic settings here.

• If you would like to visit Hue from Da Nang, the simplest and most convenient is to choose a tour among a lot of available tours now. Their services will help you learn and discover this dreamy city in the easiest way.

Obviously, it is just applied, when you are slightly lazy and don’t have a long time fund.

To get this beautiful and ancient city, you can also move by other 3 following main means: plane, train or coach.

Flights to Hue

The Phu Bai airport has flights from Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi to Hue. You can choose one among many airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietjetAir, and Jetstar with ticket fare about over 800.000VND/way. To get cheap ticket fares, you should book early especially on holidays, ticket fare is usually very high.

Train to Hue

Like plane, there are also many trains from Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi to Hue. Travelling by train may take much time but you are able to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way. In case, you get a long time for traveling, I recommend you this kind of mean to move.


This is simple and cheap but it will take you a day to travel from Hanoi/ Sai Gon to Hue.