Top Things to Do in Ca Mau

When talking about the famous travel places in the Mekong Delta’s provinces of Vietnam’s Southern, we cannot ignore Ca Mau. In this article, we will introduce the top things to do in Ca Mau, the beloved readers can use this as extra information to find, and select many other activities to add more interesting and attractive to your trip.

Top thing to do in Ca Mau - visit Floating Market

Ca Mau Floating Market

1. Shopping on Ca Mau Floating Market

Travelling to Mekong Delta without attending floating is a missing an interesting part. As the same to step on Ca Mau, the tourists should pay a visit and shopping on floating market together with go around the famous places for sightseeing. The Ca Mau floating market is located on the end of Ganh Hao river which is in center of Ca Mau. The floating market is as brustle as other floating markets in the Western area.

There are hundreds of big and small boats with full of goods which used for bargain and make exchange deals in floating market. No one knows history of this floating’s establishment, everyone only know that the dealing way on the river is a cultural identity of the Mekong Delta specialized by many rivers.

Like other floating markets, such as Phong Dien, Cai Rang, Can Tho or Cai Be – Tien Giang province, Ca Mau floating market are used to exchange a variety of products including food-stuff and necessary tools, however, it mainly makes deals of fresh agricultural products, Mekong Delta orchards’ fruit with merchandisers. After all, beauty and typical features of Mekong Delta rivers still attracts the tourist to set foot on Ca Mau floating market even if just visit during a short period of time.

Tourist can shopping in this market to have very cheap deals and enjoy the friendliness of people here.

2. Enjoy sightseeing in Thi Tuong lagoon

Thi Tuong lagoon
Thi Tuong lagoon is a big pond raising fishes and schrimps at Ca Mau. During recent years, Thi Tuong lagoon becomes a travel point of many tourists. This lagoon has an very interesting story about it which is very famous in Ca Mau. When arriving there, let’s ask the native for it.

It’s taken 2 hours by ship to come to Thị Tường lagoon which is next to Bà Kẹo channel and continues to Thailand Bay. The lagoon is an area of 700ha, length off more than 10 kilometers, overlap three landing districts namely Trần Văn Thời, Phú Tân and Cái nước.

Thị Tường lagoon is divided into three sections that are the upper lagoon, the middle lagoon and the bottom lagoon. The tourists can enjoy sight-seeing of Camau and taste the special food cooking from fishes, schrimps…

3. Selfie in Hòn Đá Bạc – Ca Mau

Top things to do in Ca Mau - Selfie in Hòn Đá Bạc
Hòn Đá Bạc is in Kinh Hòn, Khánh Bình Tây, Trần Văn Thời, Ca Mau and it is 50 kilometers by boat from Ca Mau city. This is a nice series of islands including 3 islands nearby coastline. It is said that Hòn Đá Bạc and Hòn Khoai are over 180 millions years old. This island has a potential of eco-tourism. It take 90 minutes from Ca Mau city to Hòn Đá Bạc by motorbike following the way from Minh Ha through Cơi Năm.

If using canoes or boats from Ca Mau city then floating follow Tăc Thủ channel and going through Hội Đồng Thành channel on the West direction, then continues going 40 kilometers, the tourists set food on Khánh Bình Tây commune, Khánh Hải, Trần Văn Thời district. Hòn Đá Bạc has an area of 6.43ha. There are many beautiful sights for the tourists, for example, Sân Tiên, Giếng Tiên,Bàn Chân Tiên, Bàn Tay Tiên, Cá Ông pagoda.

If you love taking photos as well as selfie, this is an ideal place to satisfy your passion because Hòn Đá Bạc is one of the beautiful places of travel in Ca Mau province.

4. Watch sunset or horizon in the lighthouse in Hòn Khoai.

the lighthouse in Hòn Khoai – Cà Mau
Hòn Khoai is a part of Ngọc Hiển District, Ca Mau province, distance from the landing about 14.6 kilometers. Situated at the Southwest of Năm Căn town. This is one of the most charming island in Ca Mau. Hòn Khoai is the biggest island surrounding by 5 pretty islands. It take 3 hours to pass the sea by 90CV ship from Rạch Gốc (the first point of Ngọc Hiển districts facing Biển Đông), the tourist can freely contemplate the beauty of Hòn Khoai sight.

The tourist will be impressed by natural and glamorous beauty with the rolling rocks like goose’s egg, the carpet of primitive forest and a range of precious wood and animals here. There are over 100 types of plants and hundreds of animal’s types still existing on Hòn Khoai island.

On the highest peak of Hòn Khoai, there is a lighthouse built by the French in the late of nineteenth century. The lighthouse and Hòn Khoai are rewarded as a historic monument by the Government. On the view of the lighthouse, the tourists can see the beauty of surrounded islands through telescope of coast guarders. Also, the tourists can observe Ca Mau and take pride yourselves into setting a foot on the last divine point of our country.

5. Explore the mangrove forest in area Lâm Ngư Trường 184 – Năm Căn mangrove forest.

Ca Mau forest
The speciality in topography and geology is that a part is overlapped by sea-water and a part is affected by river-water. Therefore, only mangrove and indigo plant can live on it (these trees has a strong ability in area covered by water).

There is Năm Căn mangrove forest at Ca Mau. Multi-biology area Lâm Ngư Trường 184 is a center of mangrove forest in Chà Là, Tam Giang commune, Năm Căn district, it is about 1 hour from Ca Mau floating market by high-speed train.

Lâm Ngư trường has an area of 6.300ha, has a potential place of eco-tourism products. It is not only this place but also mangrove Năm Căn forest has a various system of plants and animals with mangrove forest eco-system’s typical features. Multi-biology Preservation area comprises 252 ha of Lâm Ngư Trường area that has over 44 kinds of plants in which there are some precious one such as, white ambarella.

Your tour to Ca Mau will properly be unforgettable with these recommended activities. Come to Ca Mau and enjoy your wonderful trip!